AX3600 and mesh network problem with 9T Pro


Apr 10, 2019
I have created a mesh network with 2 AX3600. The problem I have is that the Mi 9T Pro when it changes the router by proximity, it takes all the Wi-Fi signal, but nevertheless it does not have an internet connection or is very slow. If I take and activate and deactivate the wifi switch of the mobile, perfect, the maximum speed. I have the latest Xiaomi EU 12.5.
However, with a Huawei M6 tablet, it makes the perfect router change, I always have the maximum speed.
I have tried with a Mi Mix 2S and with Miui it also failed. I tried to put Pixel Experience and it seems to be working fine.
In the 9T Pro I have tried to remove Miui and put the EvolutionX rom, and it keeps crashing.
I don't know what else to try. I have tried on the router to change channels, join the 2.5 / 5 networks, change the security ...
What can be?