AX3600 not able to add in Mi Home


Nov 2, 2022
I try to setup my AX3600 in mi Home. I have created a brand-new Xiaomi account. I setup the AX 3600 to France.
Once done, I log on Mi Home. Chose France as region.
1. The router don't show up automatically in Mi App
2. I cannot see AX3600 option in the router list
I have updated to the very last version 3.0.22
When I try to switch to chinese to get the full list of devices and then try to add it manually, I have this

The region currently selected in the router
isFrance, This does not match the region
selected in the app. The Mi Home/Xiaomi
Home app cannot pair with and manage the
router. To resolve this issue:
1. Switch the region selected in Mi Home/
Xiaomi Home app to the same region as the
router to enable pairing.
2. Restore the router to factory settings and
use the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to pair
with the network.


What can I do to get it properly configure for EU? I buy this device on and for me it's compatible with EU market...
In Mi Home app, the only country where I see the AX3600 in the list of manual add is China. Do we have ways to bypass this manual add? How to add AX3600 on EU server?
Anybody managed to add this router on a EU server? I have another one but on china...
Any confirmation or help would be really appreciated.
Thanks Mario for your confirmation,
I am a bit frustrated because, as far as I understand the global version of AX3600 doesn't support IOT features.
Upfully I have another chinese version working at home with Mi home feature and I know that it is possible.

Now I need some explanation from Xiaomi because they are selling something on european market with this feature availabe (Please refer to their french marketing page : but the feature is not available on any of the country that I have tested (IT, FR, ...)

Xiaomi, Please provide some explanation !!!

Workaround for me was to send an http POST request during installation phase of the router.;stok={YourRouterId}/api/misystem/set_location
x-www-form-urlencoded Body:
and turn everything in Chiness (Mi home app)

This is not acceptable because I now use Chinese server for french Install...