AXO 2009 MX Boots The Best Collection of Motocros


Nov 1, 2011
When it comes to motocross boots no one makes them better than AXO. The boots from AXO are designed for men, women and children alike. These combine high quality tensile strength materials along with optimal comfort fitting too.
Motocross boots for men
The AXO RC6 motocross boots remain ever popular amongst all motocross male riders. These come in sizes 7, 8 and 9 and are available in exciting color combinations of black, silver and white. The prices of each of the motocross boots are extremely reasonable and when compared to other more expensive brands you can see the value for yourself. Each of these boots comes in a special PU molded shin plate which is present on the calf region as well as inner leg portions. The high quality of leather located in the upper portion of the boot lends it a unique superior finish. The motocross boots also contain soft leather interiors along with a fine micro mesh material inside. The ankle padding contains open cell foam which further aids in the comfort factor and fit. The PU straps as well as replaceable alloy buckles coupled with the exclusive sole from AXO make these motocross boots simply irresistible. The soles also come with a replaceable insert and with a tempered steel shank as well as a wrapping gator.
Motocross boots for women and kids
The collection of motocross boots from AXO is also dedicated to women and kids alike. The superior finish coupled with fine grained leather exteriors and high grip rubber soles all make for a fantastic end product. The women’s line of motocross boots come in fun and flirty colors such as pink,206, silver, red, light blue and other flattering colors. The kids line of motocross boots also features interesting color choices like fluorescent orange, green, black, white,371, yellow,451, red, blue and many others. Each of these motocross boots for both women and kids comes with a cell foam ankle padding, super grade leather finish on the upper boot regions. The interiors are also lined with fine quality leather and have a super micro mesh lining as well. There are alloy buckles on these boots along with PU straps. The soles are exclusive to AXO and represent the high quality and durability of these shoes. The insert in these motocross boots is completely replaceable. So, if at any point these parts need replacement you don’t have to worry. Often, it is these regions of the boots that undergo maximum wear and tear due to constant motocross racing. Hence,425, these need regular replacement. AXO understands this aspect and hence has made its motocross boots as consumer friendly as possible. The wrapping gator provides a fabulous grip for these shoes and there is also a tempered steel shank that adds on to the durability factor. The presence of a PU molded shin plate is another guard against any sudden jolts or injuries. It absorbs shocks and helps prevent collision damages to offer ultimate in protection. Right now there are thousands of women around the world wanting a pair of purple ugg boots. Some people even regard their boots can not be any color but must be purple! Why is this?

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