In Progress Battery Issue


Oct 28, 2011
Hey everyone , and sorry if it's a duplicate.
but the battery use is terribly IIIINNNSAAAAAANNNEEEEEE !!!
any ideas ?
You can try another kernel. I'm using siyah kernel, it gives me pretty decent batterylife and performance. Also, try using the setting force gpu in developer options, it may decrease cpu load.
Even with using siyah etc there are definitely some battery issues. Like huge drops after a restart :



Both huge drops are from just doing a restart o.o
Install siyah kernel, download extweaks app and under misc settings use reset fuel gauge. Recharge your phone after a few hours to 100% and you won't get any drops... I've had similar drops before, but haven't had any since.

check all ur apps.
recallibrate battery
upgrade to latest build
clear dalvik and wipe cache partition

these are common procedures the user should sort after.
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