Battery life really sucks compared to CM7


Apr 15, 2011
Ive been running CM7 for a while, and now Im back with MIUI again a few days ago. And the one thing I do miss with CM7 is the battery life.

With CM7 I could get +2 days battery life easy, with MIUI I have to charge the phone twice a day. I had the same problem with my LG Optimus 2X.

Why is MIUI eating battery?
I know that Hund is using a sgs2 and I have heard that plenty of users have issues with theme manager with miui. Theme manager doesn't allow the phone to go into sleepmode as it should.

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I have been using both CyanogenMod and MIUI for months, switching in between them a few times and I can say I do not experience these battery issues you speak of. Granted, I do use quite sensible settings, as in - I do not use a Live Wallpaper, I keep radios which I do not use off and I do not play games/watch movies all day. Autosync is enabled only on WiFi, but I do check my e-mail every now and then, as well as check the weather, use services such as LinkedIn, and others.

I use a Motorola Defy and my battery life sits around 2 days, with either CyanogenMod or MIUI and feeling-wise, I can't say I notice any big differences, or to be more accurate - there's no real difference feeling-wise as to how long the battery lasts for me.
I use my phone (sgs) the same way u do but for some reason my batter dies in around 6-7 hours. I never play games, I never use 3G, and never use live wallpapers. I do, however, use autosync all times (2G) and I do have brightness at 100%.

On miui I usually have to charge my phone twice a day, whereas, on JVT my batter does for around 14-16 hours.

I've never tried CM7, can't say.
I just switched to the SGS 2 build lately from Checkrom revo HD...and I agree something is up the battery life is abysmal, same settings, and I've tested even with a stock build, and manually downloading non rooted apps from the marketplace...battery life is still bad.

However, this rom has an incredible fast boot time, very impressive!
Guys, how bad is bad? And how good is good?
In my nexus S, with data always on, 2G, semi heavy usage of internet, hundreds sms and whatsapp, facebook, twitter could last me at least 18 hrs. Maximum 27hrs with medium usage..try to look KERNEL with DEEP_IDLE mod in the XDA forum
Bad is when I fully charge my phone just before going to bed then waking up 9 hours later to find the battery down to 70%. So that's 30% of my battery used whilst the phone is not being used. It does appear that Cell standby and Phone idle are using a lot of juice.
I find MIUI to have great battery life. I get just over 2 days on average. The stock rom wasn't that good. I could get 3 days out of the Redux ROM, but MIUI is just a lot nicer to use, so I don't mind the 2+ days that I get.

I'm not that heavy of a user. Probably 10 - 15 minutes of calling a day, 10 to 20 texts, data and WI-FI always enabled, syncing enabled, a fair number of e-mails. I surf the web probably 10 minutes a day. I only have a calendar widget running, no other widgets. Oh, and I use a calendar reminder app a lot. I do have vibrate turned on for all notifications.

It might be that MIUI has some battery drain problem on a specific phone... but not on the Desire GSM.
i'm using miui defy. battery life is great. average around 3days+. i use my phone basically for calling n sms. enable 2g mode, disable gps, disable all push notification, manual rss reed update but auto sync my google account.
it all depends on end user usage, apps installed, apps on sync, apps on interval sync, screen brightness.

other things could be that the rom for the particular device needs more work etc - hence the weekly updates.

also, your device may have alot of trash files - consider using something like cache cleaner NG & SD Maid (Android Market)

calibrate your battery and also do not leave you device plugged in on full charge for long periods - can lead to de-sync between battery and device.

Many factors have a influence on how much battery life you get from your device.