Best Redmi Note 2 ROM to settle with?


Mar 13, 2016
Hi everybody! Since Redmi Note 2 support won't be a thing in the future, i wanted to ask you what ROM is more suitable to settle with.

I do not care about having the most recent MIUI version, or an up-to-date device with many functionalities. Right now the ROM i have installed from this site causes my Redmi Note 2 battery to drain in about 1hour if 3G/4G are active, even in standby. Moreover, even with wifi and network off, the phone battery life is extremely terrible, both in standby and in usage. Sometimes the device also decides to turn off without any reason, and that's particularly critical for i need to be always available for work calls.

What i need is a decent day-to-day experience with minimal requirements. I don't use the phone for much except for calls, rarely for mails, whatsapp messages, and sporadic internet surfing.

I want reliability and good battery life, with the possibility to go on the internet from time to time.

Any suggestions about a particularly stable and low-draining version of the ROM?


Mar 29, 2019
I think the latest one seems fine, however I can't find any download links whatsoever :( would be awesome if you could help me finding the download links and I test different roms for you :) deal?