Beta versions archive??


Aug 4, 2011

First I have to say that I am amazed by how good the MIUI is. But anyway using the beta rom may be a problem as it may have different bugs from version to version (like the themes not working in 1.7.29 but ok in 1.7.22). Is there a repository of older roms?

I want to recommend the MIUI to friends but as there is no way (or I have not found a way) to download 1.7.22 for my friends Desire I have to wait another week or maybe more and that is annoying. Having an option to download a version which I had no problems with on my DHD would solve this problem.

Sorry for my poor english and a dumb question ;-)
A simple request on here or Desire section on XDA would probably be sufficient. I know i keep around the last 5 Defy releases on my pc or netbook. Currently using 1.7.22 ;)

I imagine the guys already use a large amount of bandwidth and space for the current releases plus stables so it will be easier for them not to archive...

But that's just my opinion/guess.