Better camera on the TD chinese version?

Aug 2, 2014
As it happen, I have both versions right now: the WCDMA (1.6Ghz snapdragon) and the TD SCDMA (1.3Ghz MT6582)
These have different hardware and I suspect different cameras too...
The camera on the Chinese version (1STD) produces better pictures than the one on the Qualcomm version (1SW) general the TD is always better at focusing the subject and most of the time the colours looks more natural too. There is a slight green/blue hue on the W while the TD tends to be warmer (still more natural in most cases).
If I had the W version alone (without trying the TD) I would have said that the W has a great camera - in fact is surprisingly good for a smartphone...but then once you use the TD you'll have no doubts which is better (the TD is better), and I don't think it's a question of taste alone - in term of colour hues there might be an element of subjectivity but about the focus there is no mistake - the difference between the 2 is quite striking.

Interestingly....the W version offers more filters and an extra scene (Flowers) and the actual screen quality seems superior - better text and slightly better definition (the 2 use different renderers and it shows).

My suspect here is that it migth be some software issue e.g. where the white balance of the TD version is better calibrated than the W version...if not, could it be a case of different "hardware" cameras?

Any idea on why the 2 versions differ so much?
Any link to in depth technical specifications?