New Black status bar mi9t pro xiaomi eu rom 20.11.11


Nov 6, 2020
Good afternoon

I just can't find a reason or a solution to this problem
Black status bar
1, Try changing your theme and wallpaper

2, If using dark mode, turn off "adjustment wallpaper to dark mode" in dark mode settings
(Settings->display->dark mode)

3, if options 1 and 2 don't work, clear data for the MIUI launcher app
P.S did not help

Can you enable "Adjust wallpaper to dark mode" option in 'Dark mode' settings (without enabling dark mode)? If yes, do it and check if your issue is fixed or not.
P.S did not help

If you ever used the "Fix Global Dark Mode" Magisk module:
1) Make sure it's uninstalled first.
2) Turn Dark mode on and then off (this will reset changes made by said module).
P.S did not help