New Bluetooth not functional in MiHome app on Xiaomi china version phones with rom


Apr 22, 2023

I have problem with bluetooth in MiHome app on china version of Xiaomi phones with rom (bluetooth devices outside Mi Home app works with no problem)
Mi Home app is not able to find or connect to any bluetooth device. So I am not able to add new device or connect to already added bluetooth device.
Any help?
1. Mi Home app software setting is correct. Everything is OK on device with original rom (device version is global).
2. It is not a one device problem. I have 2 devices with the same problem. Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 11 Ultra. Both are china version with rom. Both devices used to work correctly. Now have both the same problem (thought about 2 or 3 firmware updates).
3. Bluetooth is allowed for Mi Home, find discoverable bluetooth devices is on in setup

That leads me to 4 possible solutions:
1. Bluetooth settings (any suggestions?).
2. Factory reset (due to some update bug, do not want to do and it looks like that it will not help (two different devices with the same problem).
3. Some rom bug (does not looks like)
4. Xiaomi Mi Home app prevents to communicate with devices that are not intended to sell in china (due to my opinion most probable situation, but I do not find any other with the same problem with google)

Does have anybody same problem? Or is anybody with china version of Xiaomi phone with rom that has not this problem?

Thank you