Bootlocking should be prohibited by law!


Sep 28, 2018
I want to unlock the bootloader - I've been trying to do that for a year.
There are instructions and I've been following them strictly.
This way or the other, Xiaomi prevents me from doing that.
Time after time I'm getting the error message:
Xiaomi procedure failed: [getServiceToken] Missing serviceToken cookie
Try again later.

I've been trying again later for a year.
Why is Xiaomi faking the unlocking procedure?
Why is Xiaomi doing that to me?
What does Xiaomi want for unlocking my bootloader? Money? How much? Let them state that openly!
Trying again later takes forever.

I contacted their support through Facebook - they explain me unlocking will disable security features. I am a software engineer and don't need their explanations. Besides, their explanations are wrong - they are just lying about security features. Unlocking the bootloader will not endanger the layman's phone!

The truth is that Xiaomi created a jail and wants to keep its users in jail of its miserable MIUI environment. Xiaomi should state out loud on their website that Xiaomi wants to keep its users in jail! Xiaomi is faking the boot unlocking procedure. Xiaomi is telling a user to "try again later" - and that will take forever. Xiaomi is lying to its users, it's stealing their freedom!

I don't need their support - I want to address Xiaomi management! I want Xiaomi to state in its website and throught its resellers that buying a Xiaomi phone a user becomes a captive of Xiaomi and Xiaomi will use him/her to distract their attention and push tons of bullshit onto them every day! They are in jail now and Xiaomi won't let them out!
I will apply to international organizations to prohibit bootlocking! If a user wants to unlock the bootloader - it's not Xiaomi's business!!! It's the user's life and his/her business, Xiaomi, don't touch their freedom!
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