Bootloop Problem

Dec 7, 2014
Hi guys. I'm having a problem that happens all the time. I am on 4.4.4 stable ROM, using my phone regularly for a while, when suddenly it crashes, goes to black screen and shows the mi logo. It tries to launch the system and then goes blackscreen again, launching mi logo, and blackscreeb again with endless loop. I figured out the suloution: im launching recovery mode, switching to the second system (dual system), and when it shows the mi logo it's seems ok, no loop. Im entering recovery mode again and switch back to system 1 and then it launches successfully. It happens once in every 3 weeks or a month, and I'm using my solution. I had a miui 7 developers, when they decided to merge the systems. And when this bootloop happened again, i was stuck because the only solution was to seotch between systems and i couldn't. So I've changed back to 4.4.4 with the dual system. But i really want to install miui 8 and i know i could get that bootloop again.
Please anyone know what the hell is the problem and how can i fix this bootloop? Because i tried reset, format, flashing different roms and and version and this bootloop stays with me everytime.
Thanks for your time and patience.
Jun 30, 2016
My Mi4 suddenly one day phone got switched off.. tried to switch it on but got black screen. went to recovery there also same problem. if i touch the screen phone used to vibrate in recovery.
I went and flashed global rom using fastboot method. its working.
but again when i try to flash twrp recovery using fastboot method i am getting black screen.. can anyone of you please help me on this.
Jun 30, 2016
trwp 3.0.0 as well as 3.0.2 , if battery starting to die it should not work for stock recovery and miui global rom as well, right. I am able to flash global rom using fastboot method and the rom is working fine, but not able to flash twrp
Sep 2, 2014
Might be some hardware issue. Battery can cause weird flashing problems, but then even global rom should not work anymore.

Have you checked MD5 of twrp.img to verify it's not corrupted?