[BUG][1.6.3] Improper notification icon showing

May 21, 2011
When I'm playing music using the Google Music app, the icon in the notification bar shows the circle with an elipse (which is often shown when there are 3 or more notification icons) rather than the Google Music icon. Note that this happens even when there are no other notifications.
Apr 16, 2011
Yeah everyone who is running 1.6.3 is upset about this as well. Nothing shows up in the notification. Not weather widgets, or anything..

We need to fix that
Jun 7, 2011
+ 10000000

A lot of people on xda hate that too ! Hope it'll be fixed very fast.
That is the 1st one thing that destroy my MIUI experience (i even think about switch to CM7 !)... Can't see if it's SMS (i use chompsms), Mail (i use improved email) or even just titatnium backup... no more per-app / non-stock notifications icons ! just that ***** icon that shows number of notifications !!!!!!!! Oo
I use Juicedefender with hided notification icon (to prevent kill), now it shows the "1" icon.... I hate that, because i don't understand... why ??? What a regression !
Is there a way to switch
back, i know how to mod apks if needed, just tell me... Please.