New Bug when installing unofficial apk on HyperOS


Sep 18, 2023

Currently there are problems with the weekly update of HyperOS in the section to install APK's of unknown origin when I try to install an APK that are the latest updates of HyperOS applications and use the package installer HyperOS automatically I get the message that you can not install system applications from unofficial means and it is known that this error only appears in some custom roms from China that is a bug that does not allow to install Google applications have already happened in MIUI but some future updates was solved and no longer sends that message, I also tried to install the Google package installer and that if I let me install it but when I select the installer as an option to install the APK does not appear to me the installation procedure.

By chance someone has happened or has this problem and share if you can solve the problem or is it a matter of waiting for the rom is updated.

I hope you can help me find a solution.

Attached are screenshots of the error.

My device is a Redmi K50 Ultra (Diting)

Translated with (free version)


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Already answered many times. Updating system apps is blocked on It is not a mistake but an intention. The applications are modified by any update from another source, they would go wrong (translations, added functions, and other modifications).
System apps are updated with the ROM update.