New Bug

Mac Wang

Jan 26, 2022
K20 Pro lighted up by itself frequently, that was why I re-flashed to cause my phone being blocked.
I appreciate this platform, it was definitely this platform helped me out. so I was able to falsh my phone to be normal now.
Yet my K20 Pro lights up frequently by itself , I have turned off all notification except the build-in apps i could not or attemped to find which app sent notification but it did not work at all.
It still lights up frequently . Can anyone please help me what more I can do . it is quite annoying ; light on , light off by itself all day long and I got no way to go though phone works
smoothly .

Igor Eisberg

Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
If you can't find what causes your problem, which I can't reproduce, how can we help?