New Bugs on app vault [Mi 9T 21.4.1]


Mar 5, 2021
There's something going on here on the app vault.. Let's say whenever I use the deep clean button here a few more times until it says, "nothing to clear", and whenever it prompts, this happens — I selected screen time here and not the memory, and the steps counter in the left side switches to this looking unfinished something that I don't even know. Sometimes I just ignore it and checks on it minutes later after it went like that it comes back to normal by itself..

As you can see here I have a thin font because I intentionally set it, I used to have Mi Lanting Medium font, and the font is set to bold looking font, and it wasn't like that before.

I'm going to attach another screenshot of that here to show you of what happened.

(The second screenshot shows the font being bold. This font used to be my regularly used font so I know that before the update the font didn't used to be like this bold looking)

Thank you.

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