bugs with SPC app


May 1, 2011
I'm using SPC (Super Private Conversation) app, and it has worked well with MIUI Froyo and MIUI Ginger (April-08 version).

However, after April-15 version was released the app works not so well.

Please see this pictures.


Sorry for the Korean text, however, you can see the password enterbox and confirm botton.

It should work like this picture and It had worked.:)

See thie picture


Can you feel the differnece?

with MIUI Ginger roms which were relearsed since April 15, it cannot show or draw correct password enterbox (the confirm botton and another box was gone :( ) so, I cannot press confirm botton after entering password.

the SPC app itself works perfect with Original Ginger rom and other CM7 base roms, so it's not the issue of SPC and Ginger base rom compatibility.

Is there anyone who is using SPC and have same problem with me????

the pictures were taken with Korean ten key keypad, but it's not related with the bugs. I tested so many times with normal qwerty keypad, the results were always same.