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Should MIUI teams focus on a new stable ROM instead of beta releases?

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  1. janeku


    Jul 26, 2011
    Due to succesfull avoding to tell what and when will happen I have to ask in public MIUI tem from UK and also people from MIUI China :

    - When it is going to be released new stable version of MIUI that will replace 2.3.4a ???

    I have to ask this and waiting for a serious answer because there is a big mess in given info on miui site and here. last week there was info that there is 2.3.5 stable edition release and that EVERY supported site has announced it. After I ask for a possible 'catch" they changed to 2.3.4 and older versions of miui as a info on official site.
    I see that beta versions are pushed so hard on the air, but no stable version is announced.
    I have to say this and I hope there are a lot of people that will support this: I'm tired of announcing of beta versions where everything is so buggy and my phone can't work normally like others.
    I understand the will and the efforts of all teams to bring this excellente rom to our phones, but there is a waste of energy and time in pushing beta versions.
    Instead to focus on one versions that will replace previous stable we distribute new one buggier than the other. We are pushing over the edge where is possibility of falling down the whole project.
    There are people who switch to other roms because of this wrong politics of development.
    PLEASE stop publishing beta versions. Stay FOCUSED now on ONE NEW STABLE version that will replace the old one.

    Waiting for official reply from MIUI teams.

  2. I'm not sure if you are just trolling but im gonna work under the assumption you are not.

    Firstly, i am not sure you understand what the china development team do. Well let me tell you ; They develop. That means fixing , tweaking and improving the software they have at the moment.

    After all this ROM is still BETA, and even the Release Candidates are BETA and not 100% stable.

    But they name the RC's stable just to satisfy people like you (nothing against you). My point is though they put a lot of effort into this and expect people like us to give them feedback on whats broken and how to improve. They have thousands of users to find bugs, compared to the few they have devving.

    If you dont like the updates, stay with the RC. Its a stupid thing to say focus on stable versions and not betas...... the betas are what the stable version will eventually be.....

    Anyway, 2.3.5a stable was released today >>
  3. janeku


    Jul 26, 2011
    I understand very well what these people are doing...But the picture i formed for this ROM and efforts to make one of the best on android market is that the wish to be the best is pushing too hard for official releases and beta tests.
    For me, honestly, there is no need of so much beta's every week. One-two betas in a week and stable version per two months.
    So much short deadlines for beta releases is quite big swallow for everyone (stress, pressure, etc).
    That is why I asked for slow down the whole thing.
    About china team, they are so confusing with their announces on the web site. In more less than 24 hours their web site changed 3 times with different data about which version is currently running on.
    Honestly, a great respect for all included in this big project. I was and I will be a big supporter of free software and freedom of information.
    Please make this topic closed.
    Regards and Thank you.

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