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Nov 8, 2010
What players are used to play the .amr files produced by the MIUI call recorder?

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xacro said:
I'll assume you're running Windows?

Here's a freeware tool to work with AMR files:
(did a malware scan since I've never used it before)

There are other free players that will play AMR files like Total Video Player and SMPlayer, but with AMR Player it looks like you can quickly convert to mp3 as well.

Thanks xacro,
I also found that Real player supports amr files once I transfer to a computer.
I also found a FREE Video player on Android Market that says it supports amr files?
I had Double Twist already, and then downloaded video recorder by Jeff Hamilton but still have not figured out how to play these amr files on my Nexus.
The audio amr files don't show up in Video Player (it does not seem to have a menu or settings), it does pic up all my videos but no audio.
Double twist at least pics up my voicemail files but they are mp3, still no amr?
when i click on the audio files using ASTRO file explorer, it offers me to play them with the stock music app (and winamp, and a video player that failed to play it :p)

the stock music app works ok.
Maybe ASTRO file explorer is the ticket, I have always used Root Explorer.
Thanks for the input, i'll give it a try.
Problem Answered

Thanks Rcocchiararo,

Astro File manager seems to support the .amr files, where Root Explorer does not.