Call recording issues on Note 11 Pro+ 5G (pissarropro)


Nov 24, 2022
I am new to Xiaomi phones but I am catching up with things fast enough .

Basically I now understand I have a Note 11 Pro+ 5G (pissarropro) which is an MTK device , I got to realize it is not supported on this forum since the base Chinese ROM being cooked and ported all over is designed for Snapdragon devices so I may not benefit any from released ROMs due to incompatibility .

The main reason that lead me here was the attempt to find a solution to call recording being very difficult to achieve on my device , here are few catches I came across :

1 - No Automatic Call recording option appearing in dialer (Global Rom Version)
2 - There is a localized announcement that is played by the device upon using the recording option manually
3 - I tried installing TTSLexx as the trick mentioned everywhere to over-ride the announcement to no use , the announcement is still played despite selecting TTSLexx as main engine an clearing dialer's cache / data / restarting / trying few times etc etc .
4 - Installing older / different Xiaomi dialers does not work , they crash
5 - Installing work arounds like ACR Phone along with APH module doesn't work , contacted the developers and they mention that they are aware and cant find a mean to make it work
6 - I tried a certain version of Advanced Call Recorder by NLL that every body keeps mentioning it succeeds while all other fail to no luck .
7 - I have gained an understanding from certain posts that even the ROMs produced here suffer the same symptoms except that Auto Recording is part of the Xiaomi dialer so that may solve the auto issue but not the announcement issue .
8 - Some mention that TTSLexx work for them and some not on the Xiaomi.EU Roms
9 - Some mention a mysterious Malaysian / Indonesian Official Rom that comes to record without announcement and yet it is found to be made for Xiaomi 11T
10 - Some Claim the only way to get Call Recording back is by rooting the device with Magisk (I understand that its a root tool specifically for Xiaomi) and then installing certain files via TWRP which means the bootloader has to be unlocked and replaced as well which will render the device broken to Banking and Streaming platforms .

So here are my Questions :

1 - Is it a lost quest or there are other things I overlooked ?

2 - Is it possible to even flash a ROM made for a different device like the 11T , why do people suggest that ?!

3 - Is there a mean to install the old Xiaomi dialer over the official (Global) rom without it crashing and for it to accept the TTSLexx hack ?

Thanks in advance .
So is there any solution to put Mi dialer in Note 11 Pro + 5g with mediatek dimensionity 920(mt6877)??? flash room? apk??? I have the same issue. (pissaropro_global)
So is there any solution to put Mi dialer in Note 11 Pro + 5g with mediatek dimensionity 920(mt6877)??? flash room? apk??? I have the same issue. (pissaropro_global)
You're not going to achieve anything on a Global ROM with baked-in Google Network Stack.

We have support for that device on Patreon though, with platform-default network stack and call recording.