New Calls not working right

Vincent Foxx

Jan 2, 2021
This problem is on both stock and When i make a call most of the time they can't hear me unless i put it on speaker mode, and when i turn off speaker mode it doesn't go back to normal just stays loud throught the call.

This also happens on other phone apps, and messenger. I did the CIT test both mics passed, just to make sure i opened the record app and tested both mics as well.

It's extremely rare when the phone rings and i can just pick it up and put on my ear, and it's fine. I can't have a private convo if i have to put every call on speaker, then can't even turn it back off.
I checked all the apps i tested permissions, cleared their cache pretty much the basics.

been about a month now since i bought this phone, and all i been getting are annoying small bugs.
(redmi note 11 pro 5g/ 13.0.10)