Can Not Update Rom - See Details

Nov 21, 2015
Hi Friends,

I have been a happy Xiaomi user for several generations now. However, my upgrade to Redmi 3 create lots of mental stress and struggle.

I received my phone from ******* with the tampered version. I picked up my Redmi Note 2 and requested an unlock SMS. (This monday).

When I downloaded the Mi Unlock Flash tool it says I have no devices I can use the sms code on.

I have logged in to my miui account on my new Redmi 3.

This creates problem because:

I can not install China Stable Rom or Developer Rom from this website. The devices says it can not verify the package. I guess this is because of the faulty rom.

I can not unlock to bootloader to install EU Stable Rom because the sms I received I can not input to the Mi Unlock App.

However I do, I'm stuck with this faulty rom. I payed a legit price on a legit site and this is really stressful....

Sep 23, 2015
Hi! Don't worry. In this site you can find several guide that could be useful. If you want can also flah rom multilanguages without unlock bootloader. You must search and be quit. Good luck!

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Apr 28, 2016
I had the same problem with my Redmi 3. I haven't enough post to include links.
Google " root redmi 3 without unlock" and root your phone
Google "" follow instructions from reply 4 to edit your /system/build.prop file and install developer rom. That will allow you to unlock.
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