Cannot see full info contact in first screen

Apr 20, 2014
I have Xiaomi mi3w and have installed the latest version (3.20.0-4.8.15) of the greek translated miui. Because of a problem caused by a custom lockscreen I tried to install, I had to do wipe/delete and have a clean install. On my first home page I have some contacts that I dailly use. Usually I have to see the contacts info, not only a phone number as I might choose to call at home and not to work. Till now, at this version, at my contacts haven't connected their facebook/linkedin/twitter/foursquare/viber/google+ accounts, and my contacts were working just fine. Yersteday I connected them and the contacts that had facebook, don't open, don't show me the phone numbers. Contacts with everything but FB work just fine. With older versions of miui didn't had this problem. Has anyone else encountered the same problem and found a solution!?
Thank you