Can't close music notification by swiping


Mar 1, 2017

If I play music using any kind of player (for example Spotify or Youtube), the notification is present in the notification area.
If I then close that app, the notification remains.
Even if I swipe the notification and remove it, once I lock and unlock my phone it's there again.
Also, other notifications that are below the music notification stay in the same place (they do not move up) once the music notification is closed (swiped), so there's just empty space there.
The only way to fix this is to either force close the app while it's running (force closing it when I already exit the app does NOT work), or restarting my phone.

I've attached a video showing the issue.

I'm on the latest weekly and this has been happening for more than 6 months now.

I hope anyone can help me solve this.

Thanks in advance!


Feb 23, 2011
You have to enable both "USB debugging (Security Settings)" AND "USB debugging" options, it is working for everybody. ;)

Really thanks for quick reply... I saw the option I haven't checked now. But, in any case, I was able to solve the problem by rooting method. I needed to root, make procedure, and unroot after all (bank apps doesn't really like it, tired to play cat and mouse with it) and looks just great now.

Thank you so much...
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