Can't control/sync media volume with Bluetooth headphone?

Nov 11, 2016
I just got a Bluetooth headset and I found out that you cannot change/sync the media volume with Bluetooth headset,

the volume control on Bluetooth only controls the Bluetooth headset while the volume control on the phone only controls the phone volume.

Is this suppose to happen? If so, is there any way/workaround for me sync them together?
Mar 13, 2017
Is right in this way, phone and headset have their own volume. You can set to MAX to the phone but "low" to the headeset, are not linked. I don't know if you can sync, but i don't think
May 5, 2017
You can just set it to max or close to max on the phone and control the volume from your headset. They are not linked and that's how I think it's suppose to work. Haven't had any issues controlling the volume like that with my bt headset. Question is why would you want to sync it? Any particular reason?

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