cant download apps from market


Mar 31, 2011
When I try to dl an app it stays saying downloading but never dls just shows the blue status bar like its trying to grab the app but can't. Any ideas?
I'm running 1.3.11 on Droid 1. I can't download anything from the market. Every download says unsuccessful. I am not sure what you are referring to when you mention download app. I need Help!

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There's an icon on one of your home screens that says downloads click it and switch it to market download.
The download app is missing from my home screen. I went into settings where the programs are and I found it. However, everything is greyed out for the app.

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That's weird. I'd try rebooting it? The app should be on the home screen after uoi installed it
Does that mean if I enable download over mobile network, it will use my data plan even if phone is connected to wifi. Do we need to toggle it all the time we get on and off from the wifi zone??
No you won't have to manually toggle. The android system won't use mobile data for anything but mms while connected to WiFi.

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For me, it will update some apps from the market, and others it won't. Right now ROM Manager and Google Maps won't update for me. Basically it flashes that it is starting a download then goes to Download Unsuccessful.

When I go to downloads, it says that there is not enough Internal memory. But this is not true because I have 129mb free. It just won't download my apps. Even if I toggle it to download over Mobile.

Anybody help? Not being able to download my apps is annoying..
Omg I can't download at all. Can't figure this out

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If you cant download, use the "Downloads" app. If you're on wifi, there's an option to download over wifi. If you're on mobile, it will ask to download over mobile. It basically won't go until you tell it what to do. Just drag the notification bar down, select the download, you'll go to the "Downloads" app and then tell it what it needs to be doing.

If you don't have the "Downloads" app (Tyrone), update to a GB-based rom to get any sort of troubleshooting help. Hardly anyone is on the deprecated FroYo model anymore. I strongly encourage, and advise, you to move up.

Augoza, if you've tried the downloads app and you're still having some issues, you can try going to Settings > Programs > All > Market > Force Close > Clear Data & Clear Cache.

Then try downloading and seeing if that helps.