Can't download through Browser or Miui app download stuff!


Feb 20, 2011
i've done my sd card partition
and i've done a2sd check
and a2sd cachesd
and after all that still can't download anything on my android phone via browser
but i can download market stuff.
any help?
should i wipe my sdcard?
anyone else having this problem?
yes i had a similar issue although for me it was the other way round i could not download from market
took me 24 hrs and umpteen re-installs to work out i had to use gparted to format sd and remove ext3 partition and change to ext2 all fine from then on
ext3 worked fine on 2.2 but not on 2.3 for me
i also use custom Mtd to resize internal memory (see nexus one forum)
Hello guys,
I guess i've found the solution.
In fact, dl's are not allowed for others ways but wifi.
You just have to check params in the new downloads app, and to allow dl's from all connection types :)
Most versions of mtd break the ability to download from the market. This is a known issue and is being addressed.

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I'm running 1.3.11 on Droid 1. I can't download anything from the market. Every download says unsuccessful. I am not sure what you are referring to when you mention download app. I need Help!

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