Can't find Themes folder in MIUI zip on sdcard


Feb 28, 2011
I want to change the miui theme on my evo, but when I go into the miui zip on the root folder, I cannot see a theme folder in there. Please help!
I'm not sure I quite understand.

Your sdcard should have a theme folder that contains any themes you've downloaded:

If you downloaded a theme from the theme forum, move the mtz file to /sdcard/MIUI/themes.

Now, you should see the theme in theme manager.
I don't have a themes folder in MIUI folder /sdcard/MIUI/ [no themes here!]

You can create the subfolder. Use the File Explorer

Open File Explorer
Press on SDCARD on bottom
Choose MIUI folded (press on MIUI)
Hit the menu button
Choose New Folder
Change the name from New Folder to theme

Now you should have a folder

Put any themes in this folder.

Or the easy way is to go to theme manager and download a theme from the online theme tab. I'm pretty sure that automatically creates a folder if one doesn't exist.
Thank you! That worked. I have another question. I downloaded a theme and the weatherwidget, changed the ex to .mtz for both and put them in the themes folder, I went to theme manager to download them from the sdcard, but when I click on them either of them, it takes me back to the list of themes I already had and nothing happens. Any idea why?