Can't Install .all Directly

Feb 22, 2016
Hi everyone!

Since I flashed ROM 6.2.18 I can't install any .apk directly. I can install from the play store, but not any of the ported xiaomi apk from this forum, neither Viper4Android. It always says "failed".

I remembered I hadn't enable installation from unknown sources. After enabling that feature, the problem remains.

Since I searched and found nothing on this matter, I gather it's not a bug, as stated in the BUGS section.

Currently running the following: 6.2.18
TWRP 3.0
SuperSU v2.65 with root privileges

Couldn,t download e LOGCAT apk from the BUGS section, it pointed to an empty link. Any idea?


I can install via MIUI's explorer. Sorry, hadn't tried it because never really used it before I've always used ES File Explorer, root enabled.

So the problem is now isolated in ESFE.


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