Cant see my pictures in Miui Gallery and cant see music in MIUI Music


Feb 25, 2011

I have the latests version of miui in my nexos one and the Miui gallery don't detect my pictures and Miui Music dont detect the music.
Could you help me please?

Many thanks and sorry for my english!
I can list all my pictures with astro and I can open them
I format the partition FAT32 of my MicroSD(16GB), but nothing.

Please any help????
Same issue on HTC Incredible, version 1.3.18. I can see the place holders, but not the images inside them.
Same problem with mine, and it applies to a few different music players. It seemed to happen suddenly too. I started a bug thread but it seems to have been widely ignored. I have even got a new SD card and the same problem applies.
Well. If I make other time the partitions with the recovery
everything is ok. But then, in a few days other time happens.
I'm tryng to see why it happens this

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f**k! Other time!!

I'm trying to do these:
Go to:
Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> All tab
For each of the following, I clicked on Clear data and Clear cache: (Just clearing Gallery did not do it for me)
Media Container Service
Media Storage
Then I restarted phone, but nothing, only shows me the wallpaper and lockscreen.