Can't Unlock Bootloader

Jun 21, 2016
Hi everyone. I'm trying to install roms but first i have to unlock bootloader. I followed the guide on the forum but when i try to unlock MiFlahUnlock give me an error about my account that doesn't coincide with the account on the mobile.
My account has been authorized by xiaomi and the account on mobile and on the app is the same. What can i do? I tried also with Xiaomi Official Chinese developer rom. Thanks in advance.
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Jan 18, 2015
You already got permission to unlock bootloader? Tried to connect phone to pc while its on(media transfer)? Then sign in flashunlock and when its ok, power off your phone and enter fastboot mode.

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Sep 2, 2016
Same problem here: I get the text "Couldn't verify device" the device every time. I used my telephone number, e-mail address and Mi account ID number. Signing in is no problem, but every time my Redmi 3S cannot be verified. Als ofollowed advice from Mikko #4, without success.

Any suggestions?
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Sep 10, 2016
I have the same problem. As does SocratesB. and TehRoyce.
Believe my problem (and possibly yours) is that the seller I bought from was unofficial (Eternal from ********** and XiaomiDevice - and by the way, they are very unhelpful, stay away!)
As these sellers have modified the ROM and locked out anything to do with OTA... and put their own malware.
So, see here, we can't change the existing ROM for anything...
Anyone have a good tested scatter file and ROM to do this successfully via SPFlashTools??