Changing individual icons on Miui launcher


Mar 22, 2011
Okay, so I happen to like the vast majority of the default icons that come with the Miui rom but would like to be able to change a few of the ones I have placed in my dock. (contacts, Go SMS etc)

Now because the icons are in my dock I cant use desktop visualizer or a similar program because the Miui launcher views them as widgets and wont allow them to be placed there.

The only info I've managed to find on it (like this refers to a location that I cant seem to find on my phone/sd card.

Anyone managed to do this and care to tell me how? :)

thanks in advance.
One way to do it would be to find the Round Icons theme in the ROM, copy it to your computer, open it up and modify it, then bring it back to your phone as a new theme. You could apply it in Theme Manager.
That's because the location of the icons is not on the SD card.
Go to the root folder of the phone then follow this path:

Those should be the icons used by the Launcher, if you change those and you still don't see a difference try to restart the launcher / wipe cache.

In case you want to make a theme with your favorite icons just follow the first post of n_i_x tutorial on how to make a theme.
I suggest this way, it's probably a lot faster and easier to apply in case there's an update or similar.
guys can u please help me? for some reason the phone has given me 2 problems just today. the 1st is that all the icons i have ever changed were just being recognized by the phone normally till today, for some reason after the reboot i did to the phone today they all went back to their original icons (some of them pretty ugly and that was why i changed them), and 2nd i just noticed, on settings - stock settings the icon that appears to me in there now is the facebook icon.. is this some sort of bug? and if it is how can i change it??