Changing the color of the progress bars.


Nov 13, 2010
I've themed my MIUI ROM to my liking, changing all the orange to blue, but I cannot find where to change the colour of the progress bars (like when a web page is loading, or I'm downloading an app from the market)
I'm assuming it is somewhere in an .xml file?
its a PNG I believe. other themes have different color progress bars.

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Im having issues with MIUI not pushing XML files with the theme... i changed progress_horizontal.xml too but it wont take when applying theme.. Anyone else having this issue?
Unless I am misinformed, the miui theme engine cannot currently theme/change xml's. They need to be completed old school (flashable zip)

That sux ass!! ... i guess ill keep it in the zip, and tell people to just hard push it with adb if they want it. ie: pull framework-res.apk... copy the xml... and push it back !