Changing the .zip file to .mtz?


Apr 11, 2011
Im kinda new to MIUI and ive been messing around with a couple of themes. What do I do when it's a ZIP file? When I extract it there is no .mtz file and ive tried changing the file extension too but it doesnt work. Any suggestions?
Which themes in particular? Most of the new themes are in .mtz format to begin with, so it may be an old theme that won't work right, anyway. If it is new, then I'm not sure why it won't work. It might not have the correct directory structure. You can check by opening a theme that you know works to see if all the folder and file names match up.
If you're on a mac, you usually need to change the extension in the right click>Get Info area as by default it just becomes. with the .zip part hidden. Just a thought as that was an issue I had.

Also, make sure all the folders are what's zipped, not an enclosing folder.

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An .mtz file is a .zip file that's been renamed. If you rename the .zip file to .mtz without doing any extracting you should be OK.
Also, if you are on a newer windows PC, make sure you view what the file extention actually is, I had a problem with this last year where I named something e.g. theme.mtz.mtz because windows was not showing me the extention, also, I had success a few days ago changing a theme from .mtz to .zip, extracting it, editing it, zipping it back up, and changed it back to .mtz and it worked just fine

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