Charging Speed

Apr 19, 2016
Hi guys, just bought my Mi4C last week and started to use it since three days ago in Beijing, China.
I'm quite satisfied with the new smartphone, but mine has extremely slow charging speed - approx. takes more than 8 hrs or something to charge 80%.
I thought it was due to abnormal draining but Android System and Android occupy 14% and 8%, respectively, so that might not be the reason. Is that because of 220 voltage of Chinese one, problem of my charger, or some defect of my Mi4C?
It'll be great pleasure if anyone could help me with this issue. Thx!
May 20, 2013
are you using the original charger?

Mine charges from 0-80% in something like 40 min? So seems something is wrong with either your phone, charger or cable.

(when i use a different charger / cable it takes ages btw, my nexus 7 charger with microusb -> usbc adapter takes like 7h to get a full charge.)