Clarification Rom Multilingual

Jul 5, 2015
I recently purchased a Red minote 3 , and I would like clarification of the fact that information circulating on the network are many and confusing . and I ask you if you can answer the following questions in order to clarify the ideas to the larger part of the users chehanno bought or want to buy the red minote 3 .

1 The request unlocking the bootloader by text message will be sent to all ?

2 how to ask them to send in a short time an unlock request by sms

3 There will in future be possible to have the Roma Multilingual that are loaded without unlocking the bootloader as in all other terminals xiaomi ?

4 and you can solicit or send a petition to ' company as it takes no account of the many users who buy exstraasiatici iloro prodottio vorrebberto beneficiarer of this device ? thank you in advance for your attention . and your feedback