Contacts and helps


Feb 7, 2021
Dear all,
I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s
I see some birthdays in de standard calendar showing from ''Mi account'', they give also the age
The google account does not, but where are the entries from the Mi Account come from?
Can I see a ''Mi Contacts'' somewhere (and edit or sync)?

on the helps in internet everybody starts with telling ''swipe left'' and go to settings, if I swipe left i go to my next screen
On settings every tells, select ''System apps'', I have no ''System apps'' entry in settings, I have a ''Apps'' and a ''System apps updater'' but in both there is no ''contacts''
I can edit my ''Google Contacts and put birthdays in some names, but this will not be updated in the ''Mi Account''
I connected my Mi account with google, no progress, I went to ''Accounts and sync'', selected google and I see sync error, selecting that, shows Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, all synced today
Still no updates,
Where did the few contacts in Mi account come from and how?

Hope somebody can help
p.s. I come from iPhone 6S