Data Network Turning On Itself & Freeze in Mounting SD Card/ Miui SGS2 2.1.20


Jan 26, 2012
I am using the latest SGS2 rom Miui 2.1.20.

The first problem I am facing is that the Mobile data network turns on itself even when it is turned off (I have 2g enabled, not sure about the 3g).

The second problem I am facing is the freeze and after some time restart of the Android when Mouting SD card from Status bar.

Here are my device and rom details

Android Version:2.3.7
BaseBand Version: XXKG3
Kernel Version:
glguro@miui #1
SMP PREEMPT Tue Nov 15 17:35:30 CST 2011

Build Number: MIUI-2.1.20