Debloat a Poco X5: What i can do for improve the original MIUI and Privacy?


Aug 9, 2023

i have bought a POCO X5 and now i want to start to debloat it, i know that it's better install but if i can i prefer for the moment stay with the official MIUI and wait some month, if all is ok i will update it, but now i prefer to stay with miui original only for warranty.

After the first boot i see several app like aliexpress, netflix, amazon etc... all uninstalled.

But after that i read that inside the system there are some tracker like MSA and Miui Daemon.

It's true?

I see a stupid duplicate store called GetApps that i don't understand... here there is Play Store, why xiaomi want that i use their crap store?

Do you suggest to disable Diagnostic Data and other Diagnostic User Program?

Thanks very much