Default Keyboard Not Setting


Dec 10, 2010
I use the android keyboard and also the WiiControllerIME for playing games.

Whenever I reboot my phone (been using MIUI on my Nexus One since 12.07 or something) my keyboard is changed back to WiiControllerIME, even if I go into settings and change the android keyboard to be the default.
I was having the same problem, except it kept making my default swype. I just deleted all the other keyboards so I only had one.

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Unfortunately I use the Wii Controller IME from time to time so I don't want to use the work-around of uninstalling it.
This is definitely a pain. I have the same problem. It seems to have a hard time with defaults of anything. Sometimes I get pop-ups for the stock sms and Handcent. Drives me nuts.