New Desire S - Enable to connect to my home WiFi network

Omri Amos

Sep 8, 2012
HTC Desire S (Saga) with MIUI 2.11.16 (also with older versions).

For some odd reason, I can't connect to my home WiFi network.
It is available and I can click to connect - but then nothing happens.
I also tried to disable the encryption (WEP) on the router (MAC filter is also disabled) but even when the phone detected it as an open network - still after I click on it simply nothing happens.

Once in a while (every few days) if I keep the wifi enabled - it will connect to my network successfully!

Problem started right after I installed MIUI, before MIUI I had CM7 (and also Sense) and there was no problem.
Please note that I can connect to other Wifi networks!
But also note that from other phones/computers - I CAN connect to MY WiFi network...

Any idea?



Nov 15, 2012
Hello if i update miui to 2.11.23 or install new version with clean all - my Wifi is not Working .
If i Turn it ON - nothing happens
Like in your Desire S