Desire screen flickering - connectors?

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  1. alen


    Feb 12, 2011

    I sent my Desire for warranty repair, as the screen has been flickering. I know about the problem with SLCD filckering and it wasn't like that. It's like the whole screen gets bright and dark in high frequency (it's AMOLED). It first appeared like 2 months ago, for half an hour, and then it was back to normal. Then it appeared again 2 days before I sent it in. I've been emailed now, 24 day later, that they could not find the problem and that it's all working fine. I've even sent them a video of the problem. but it doesn't help them, and they'll send it back.

    It's like that nook color flickr problem.

    My question is - since the phone has been sent to repair maybe a month before the problem appeared, could it be that they screwed something with connectors or is this strictly hardware (display) problem?
    The problem is not constant, it appears few times a day. If it cannot be caused by connectors, i'll be demanding a new one or i'll send it in immediately again.

    Hope you can help me with some answers, since i have to pick it up tomorrow or on Tuesday.

    Thanks in advance, guys ^^

    EDIT: oh, i wanted to post this in general chat. Hope a mod will move it.