New Different behavior between apps in choosing notification sounds

Jan 29, 2014
Device: Xiaomi MI3 Wcdma
Rom: MiuiAndroid 4.1.24

When choosing system sounds (in settings->sound) or notification sounds in apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Hangouts, etc. , Miui opens Themes application by default (without choosing it to be a default one). This would be OK, unless the following 2 issues:

1) In themes application, when selecting Local->Others, only 2 choices of apps appear: Sound Recorder, Music Player. Practically it means that I can't just browse and select any sound file from any folder.
2) The interesting thing is that when choosing notification sound in Gmail, MIUI lets you to choose between 4 apps: Themes, Media Storage (that allows you browsing), Sound Recorder, Music Player!

So I'm asking, why in gmail, MIUI allows you to choose which app to run when selecting sounds, and in any other apps (including from system->settings), Themes is run by default and it doesn't have media storage app in it's Local->other option.

Something is weird.
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