Dissatisfied with the xiaomi community app-Spain

gilvir dapen

Jan 17, 2018
Dissatisfied with the xiaomi community app, I am registered as 2620084331, with the xiaomi number of the mobile... it turns out that in this app there are some gentlemen, I suppose they are like the administrators of the site (-TYR- and Henri2018) and it gives me the impression that if you expose them in the section of the photographs they deny them telling you that you do not respect the rules of the site, without further explanation... and they proceed to delete them (as I said, I get the impression that they do this with those who exhibit good photographs ). I don't think they are correct, applying their rules as they please. I have looked and they do this with almost everyone who exhibits good photos. Or you expose a style of photo, they tell you that it is not well exposed and then another user appears with a photo similar to yours...and of course, theirs is fine....example; realida360 put almost the same style with mine.
Really, I would like to speak with a high-ranking person in charge of the communications department, the internet, I don't think they can tolerate some gentlemen with personality problems who, at the very least, do not agree with something because of the questions you ask them, pertinent questions in explaining to you why not it's worth what you expose (I mean the photos)...I don't see this absurd behavior of not explaining to you that it's not okay that it was wrong....they seem very tired of talking to others, so let them stop the community and that those who have the gift of people enter.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience but, their reactions did not seem normal to me...besides, they have blocked me I cannot expose, nor speak....yes, I can enter, only this
best regards for all
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