Don't know what to choose and have a bunch of questions cuz I'm a noobpro :~)


Jul 29, 2023
So, I have this note 11E which I bought from the market. They said it is Note 11R but when I look my device list in Google , it says that it is 11E.
So, I search for EU rom but only found for "Redmi Note 11Pro+India", "Redmi Note 11E Pro" . But I don't see for "Redmi Note 11E" and "Note 11R".
I have attached the pic of my phone spec under.
And I read that, EU only works for Qualcomm.(I don't know details about this).But mine is Mediatek Dimensity 700. I want to know if it is true and need help finding the right rom for my phone as I am afraid of bricking my device.

And another question, can I install another global rom not from INDIA(I don't mean to do it but just wanna know).For instance, I have this India Global rom but want to install another ASIA Rom and still it must be Global. Wait , India version and Global are not the same? I'm confused please someone clarify this.

Another issues not related to EU rom but:)
The seller of my phone told me not to update it because it will result in error. Well, I can't resist but update a few days after I bought the phone and well, it really is buggy. It doesn't even detect SIM. So, I download the original rom and reflash it. My question is if Note 11R or Note 11E users also experienced this?

Thanks in advance. I apologize if it looks too noob but this question is bugging me.

Android ver : 12


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