Downgrading from stock China 13.0.13 to rom 12.5.9


Sep 11, 2017
Hello. I don't know if this has already been posted before but here's my case.

I have purchased a chinese version of Mi11 pro, and the seller has unlocked the bootloader and installed a global FW 12.5.8 (enhanced edition).

Since the bootloader is already unlocked, I managed to flash the firmware version 13.0.13 using TWRP skkk a12.
The camera was not satisfactory and the wifi has issues, so I decided to install rom 12.5.9.
Bootloop. I don't know if it was due to ARB or incompatible twrp.
I was able to install the stock fastboot china rom 13.0.13 via fastboot with miflashtool.
During the process, i forget to change to flash-all.bat, and the phone now is locked and I'm stuck with the stock china rom while waiting for the 168 hours to arrive.

My concern is, can I still downgrade the STOCK CHINA rom 13.0.13 to XIAOMI.EU 12.5.9?
I have read somewhere that there won't be any issue flashing from 13 to 12.5.

Any advice is appreciated. TIA
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Sep 15, 2022
wow. There are soo many red notice on you purchasing a chinese rom phone with a global unlocked rom in it. and you firmware flash it using TWRP instead of fastboot. wowwwww wowwwwwww. And you didnt even tell us which EU Rom Code name you used! Does not make any sense at all! you should contact back your seller. looks like he have a lot of explaining to do.