eu rom for mi 11 pro-question about understanding


May 28, 2021
dearest friends , i have "a little" tech knowledge , it was a years ago when you all where in school or even not born when i was starting flashing roms at my htc desire ...
if someone doesnt understand an issue , a new thing for him , because till now he was using a phone from a local store with a rom that was never changed , so what ???
if you wanna help , go ahead , if not , dont help !
i want this mi 11 pro and im keep saying what ive said before -
i want to buy the chinese edition from china , to request to open the bootloader , waiting a week , and then installing the twrp , after that flashing the eu.rom (because i want to use the phone in my language and to get all the benefits from this rom) , from time to time i will update the rom . thats all !!! what so hard to understand???
maybe in the furture i will flash another rom , maybe "the real global rom from xiaomi" , so all i wanted to know and all was confused in my mind is the words of some of you saying that the phone could be brick !!! and i asked you all - why is that? why brick if im doing all this process that ive mentioned above ???
its not a shame to say im not understanding , its a big mistake to do wrong action because you didnt ask before !
i want to understand the proces behind your word - could brick the phone . why to bricked if you only do what i was written above .

thnx friends . and please be more patients

if you're following all the tutorials here, no need to worry, it won't be bricked.

the brick that they mentioned, is if you're on a rom other than the original rom came with the device, and try to relock the bootloader, it'll brick, don't do that.

so, buy your phone, do the unlock bootloader process, install the rom, and use it. don't worry about the bootloader anymore.
any update coming, just update from the settings, will need some manual work installing through TWRP.

why a massive confusion ??? i want to install the eu.rom after opening the bootloader , whats wrong with what ive just said? why to lock it again after installing the rom?

yup, no confusion for me at all. you buy a CN version BNIB (bootloader is locked of course), you unlock the bootloader, install the eu rom. and you're done.
no need to bother with the bootloader anymore, don't lock it, don't do anything regarding that, keep it unlocked.
maybe they're just afraid that you'll want to relock the bootloader, so they gave you a warning not to do so.

maybe i didnt explain myself , but right now i have huawei mate 10 pro and everytime i get anotification that an update is waiting for me . all i have to do is to click on the link and then the whole process begin till the end of the instalation . thats all i wanted .

unfortunately, it won't be this simple on eu rom, cos after the rom is downloaded, need to manually reboot to twrp, go to the downloaded rom location and install it. still an easy process though, but not automatic like a stock device.

where i can find the rom of the "global edition" of the ultra 11?

only stock official roms there, no roms obviously

im getting confused !!! if im flashing a rom it will brick???!!!
ive said before - all i want is to buy the phone with original chinese rom , open the bootloader with the xiaomi tool , after that flashing the eu.rom and thats all , maybe pushing updates from time to time , but with this process i can brick the phone ??? please!!!
lets say another thing - if after flashing the eu.rom i want to replace it with another rom , will i be abla to do that without no fear of brick???

buy phone with original CN rom
unlock bootloader with xiaomi miflash unlock tool (not the same as mi flash tool)
flash eu rom or any other compatible rom via TWRP from time to time
that's all possible, no brick

just don't relock bootloader, which has nothing to do with anything you want to do though, maybe they're just reminding you not to do it.
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May 26, 2021
I was thinking of buying from GizTop or in Tradings Shenzhen (I needed to separate the name in two words if not I saw in the post just ******* instead of the one word) that I see have better prices. Currently, GizTop or Trading Shenzhen aren't using DHL, just saying Global Priority, but honestly hope this other Global Priority also will deliver to my door without any tax or forms to fill and sign.
Hello ,
I bought my mi 11 Ultra 12/512 from Giztop and they did use DHL and I received it within 1 week, ordered friday received the next friday ( i an in canada )
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