EU Rom Mi 10 ultra


Sep 4, 2021
hallo zusammen. Mein Sicherheitspatch ist von meinem Mi 10 ultra vom 1.8.2020. hab die EU Rom schon drauf. Man sagte mir das ich quasi die EU Rom Updaten muss, damit ich das neuste Update 12.5.10 oder 12.6.10 runterladen und Installieren kann. Wie funktioniert das?


Aug 14, 2020
Hello, everyone. The security patch on my Mi 10 ultra dates August 1st, 2020. The EU Rom is already installed on it. I was told that I have to update the EU Rom so that I can download and install the latest update 12.5.10 or 12.6.10. How does this work?
First of all: this is an international forum, so please post in English, and English only.
Second: good to know you have a Mi 10 Ultra. Also good to know you have an .eu rom on it as well - I assume you mean one of the roms from the devs here. The big question is: which one? Are you running stable or weekly, and which version do you have installed? Latest stable is and the latest weekly is 21.9.1 :)
Regardless however: if you want to update, simply open the update app to see if there's an OTA update available. If there is, click download and then install. If there isn't, there isn't. As simple as that :)
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