EVO: 1.3.5 - I seem to have 1 issue on themes. (all resolved)


Feb 23, 2011

Just flashed 1.3.5 and found the following 3 issues on my EVO after wiping. Previous version was 1.2.11. Can anyone else also confirm you are getting this?

1. can't use file explorer or the theme manager to get another theme (svg) to work. FOUND solution:

2. When holding down power button, don't see option to hotboot, or reboot into recovery. only option is "Reboot" which just does a regular reboot. NEVER MIND - I SEE THERE IS A FLASHABLE ZIP TO DO THIS.
3. I went into the 'backup' app to restore the apps I had previously backed up on 1.2.11, but there is no option to restore. When using file manager, I do see my backup there. RESOLVED. I SEE I HAVE TO CLICK ON BACKUP FIRST.

If you guys want me to delete this post since I found the solutions, let me know. If you find it useful I'll leave it here.