New Exchange Email Bug

Apr 7, 2011
When forwarding email using the inbuilt exchange app only the previous message's header is included despite checking the box to include previous message's text.

This happens when replying and forwarding messages.

I have just started using the email app on a SGS3 running last week's ROM.
Apr 7, 2011
Read around this - looks like it is a problem with the smart-forward/reply which isnt implemented on all exchange servers. Some email apps have the option to disable it. I've had a go at decompiling email.apk and using the information I found here to make the modification myself.

To be honest it's my first time decompiling an apk so am in uncharted territory. I've tried to map the paths across from the information in the link but I think its all out of date!

If someone can point me in the right direction I don't mind having a go...
Apr 7, 2011
I did some more work and realised that I was looking in the wrong place and should be decompiling the exchange services apk. I have done that and think I am in the right place in EasOutboxService.smali:

.method sendMessage(Ljava/io/File;J)I
.locals 33
.parameter "cacheDir"
.parameter "msgId"
.annotation system Ldalvik/annotation/Throws;
value = {
.end annotation

.line 329
const/16 v28, 0x0

.line 331
.local v28, result:I
const/4 v4, 0x0

const/4 v5, 0x1

move-object/from16 v0, p0

move-wide/from16 v1, p2

The syntax is very different to what reference material I've found, which is to be expected I guess!

Perhaps someone could help point me in the right direction please??

Also if anyone knows how to mod the apk so embedded pics appear as well that would be ace..